Design and Build



Hoang Dieu Street



600 Sqm


Terrazo, Concrete

Plywood, Polycarbonate






Client’s requirement for the design team is to create a diverse coffee space, serving groups of families and young people. The rest, the design team completely decided.

Wrapping up the building area in 200m², the solution proposed by the design team is open space with 2 floors, clear region for groups of guests of all ages. Through psychological feelings as well as the appropriateness of needs, customers can choose an appropriate area.

Most family groups choose the back area on the ground floor because they can observe and be assured that their children are playing in the backyard.

By contrast, young people and especially teenagers prefer the ground floor and upstairs spaces, because of the youthful spirit, liberal, interesting details to be able to capture the best check-in photos. For those who love coffee and want to observe the crafting process, the bar is the best choice.

The direction of the building is south, so the entire facade is surrounded by glass material, which expresses the design team's intention is to create a square block of sunshine. The wood system in the facade only has a decorative effect. Thin linen curtain system and large trees limit the light intensity by the sunshine.

When the sun comes down, Sunday becomes a cozy "glass box" with spotlights that focus on each area such as coffee tables, bars ... The design language in Sunday is very simple with square shapes from tables, chairs, walls to lighting.

In terms of decoration, it is just small wooden lines or boards, white painted walls, pressing some cement plates ... all in order to create the most relaxing atmosphere possible.

Like its name, Sunday Coffee was formed as a desire of the client is to create a relaxing place where the feeling is always like a weekend. For local people, Sunday Coffee is a new coffee spot.

For visitors, after enjoying the sunshine, wind, boldness of the blue sea in Nha Trang, Sunday coffee is a must-visit place to enjoy in the holiday

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