Design and Build



114 Nguyen Gia Tri

District  Binh Thanh, Saigon


243 Sqm


Concrete, Effect Painted

Glass, Steel






" Libe University "

Everyone has a few times skipping class.

The spaces where "we" often gather - tennis courts, locker rooms, swimming pools, etc... are the construction's design inspiration.

The bustling, cheerful atmosphere is a characteristic feature of this project's location - the area has many universities. Because of that special feature, the Libe 'Flagship store was born.

We want to aim at the dynamic and youthful as the 'Libe brand' is giving young people. Combining colors, lines, shapes on a retro color background creates fun in the space and enhances the product's value.

Our construction's facade is inspired by retro cubes made of red post-shaped steel covered with an effect paint.

Coming into the construction, we want to change the familiar Libe brand's look with colorful colors; the tennis court-inspired floor is cut out of color. The hanging furniture system along the walls is placed on an off-white color background to highlight the product. Our mobile hanging design is inspired by products containing tools in the sports field in addition to the fixed suspension system. Entering the cashier area, the image we borrowed was a warehouse with plastic containers and storage cabinets. The ground floor's connecting point and the floor is a strip of stairs emphasized in orange to show the youthfulness leading in space, inside the staircase creating excitement by the color system moving along the stairs.

Upstairs we want to emphasize the joyfulness with mosaic floor tiles inspired by the feeling in a swimming pool and lush greenery.

The fitting part is a locker - because that's where people store their belongings and transform themselves, opening up the dresser a bit is turning into a party girl ...

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